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Registered students are encouraged to use this free tutoring platform from January 19 through May 7, 2021.

If you utilized eTutoring FALL 2020, please email to have your account reactivated.

Welcome to eTutoring!

If you're NEW to eTutoring, visit this YouTube link for an introduction. 

To create an account, note on the left side of the page there is a link inviting you to do this.

  • You must use your Belmont College email to create an account.  
  • eTutoringOnline is not connected to any of your other school accounts; changing your password here will NOT change it in another account.
  • You must read and accept the eTutoringOnline Terms and Conditions by checking the “I agree to all terms and conditions” box at the bottom of the page.

eTutoring Services

If you submit a paper for review, please keep in mind the eTutors do not proofread to identify and/or correct every error in your paper. Rather, tutors identify patterns of errors or weaknesses and explain how to make improvements to your writing.

  • Writing Lab allows you to submit a draft of your paper to a tutor (maximum 8 pages), ask for specific feedback, and receive your work back with a tutor’s comments. This is not a proofreading service. You may submit TWO drafts per paper. Cover letters, resumes, and scholarship essays are not reviewed on this platform.

  • eQuestions allow you to leave a specific question for our eTutors, who will respond within 48 hours.
  • Live Tutoring via Zoom is available in the following subjects:
    • Anatomy and Physiology
      • (Monday evenings: 6-8pm)
    • Algebra
    • Calculus
    • Chemistry
      • (Sunday evenings: 6-10pm)
    • Computer Science
      • (Wednesdays, 1-3pm; Thursdays, 9-11am)
    • Math
    • Mental Health
      • (Sundays: 4-7pm)
    • Physics
      • (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings: 8-9:30pm)
    • Psychology
      • (Sundays: 4-7pm)
    • Sociology
      • (Sundays: 4-7pm)
    • Statistics
      • (Tuesday, Thursday evenings: 6:30-10pm; Saturday, 9am-12pm)
    • Writing

The Weekly Tutor Schedules are available on the lower left side of the Welcome Page. If you have questions about the free E-tutoring service, please contact  


eTutoringOnline is made possible through the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s OhioLINK division. There is no cost for this service to institutions or students currently enrolled at one of the participating schools.

We hope that you find eTutoringOnline to be of great value to you in your courses. Good luck in all your courses this semester!