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Account type:

 Manchester Community College

Spring 2020

January 27 – May 13


Login Instructions for all Students

Username:    myCommNet Login  (ex.

Password:    etutoring

You will have the opportunity to change your password after the first time you login. It may be helpful to use your myCommNet password. However, eTutoring is not connected to myCommNet, so changing your password in one will not change it in the other.

For login help, contact Brian Cleary, Academic Support Center Director, at 

Subjects Available:

  • Writing (All Subjects)
  • Math (Developmental through Calculus II)
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology

 General Guidelines for Submitting a Writing Submission

You may submit a variety of writing assignments through eTutoring. Our tutors help students not only with essays but with assignments such as summaries, book reports interviews, lab reports, product reviews, memos, and resumes.eTutors will help you to become a better writer. They will offer you recommendations on improving what you have written. They will not edit or proofread your work. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours through eTutoring, not through your personal email address.

What can you do to get the most out of a submission in writing?

  • Provide the tutor with as much information as possible about the assignment. If you can, copy and paste the teacher’s instructions. The more information you provide, the more assistance the tutor can offer.
  • Reread your writing before you submit. Look for unintentional errors. Help the tutor focus on real needs and not careless errors.
  • Make certain you upload your writing submission. Do not copy and paste it onto the submission form.

General Guidelines for Submitting an eQuestion

Please state your question clearly and fully.It is easier for us to help you when we have enough information to understand your question. Do not simply copy and paste a sentence or paragraph from your writing without indicating the type of assistance you need.

What types of help might a tutor provide through an eQuestion submission?

  • The tutor can help you understand instructions to an assignment, although the tutor cannot give you the answers to that assignment.
  • The tutor can help you get started by offering some general strategies for generating ideas. When possible, the tutor will try to link the recommendations to the particular assignment.
  • The tutor can help you refine a thesis or an introduction.
  • The tutor can offer you information on writing introductions and conclusions.
  • The tutor can help you use sources correctly.
  • The tutor can provide information about specific sentence and punctuation problems.

What can’t a tutor help you with through an eQuestion?

The tutor cannot evaluate an entire essay or writing submission within an eQuestion. It is acceptable to submit a paragraph or two, but anything longer belongs in the eWriting area.

  • The tutor cannot do an assignment for you. The tutor cannot provide you with answers to questions about a specific topic (such as the causes of an historical event or the differences between two phenomena) nor can the tutor interpret a piece of literature for you. The tutor can give you guidance on the answers you develop but cannot provide those answers.
  • The tutor cannot respond to earlier submitted eQuestion or eWriting submissions (unless the eQuestion is contained in your submission).
  • The tutor cannot connect you with another tutor. Please do not request a special tutor. We hope that you will have a positive response from any tutor. The tutors are trained to work together.
  • The tutor cannot verify that a Writing Submission has arrived.

General Guidelines for Live Tutoring via Zoom

Zoom allows you to meet with a tutor in one-on-one tutoring sessions via a fully interactive, virtual online environment. Live sessions are offered for Accounting, Math, Calculus, Statistics, Information Literacy and Research Methods, Biology--including Anatomy & Physiology I, and Chemistry.

Please Note:

If you choose eChat, tutor icons will show which tutors are online. Click on the name of the tutor you wish to work with. Note that your browser must be set to allow pop-ups in order for the Zoom rooms to work.

If a tutor isn’t available for a live session, you can leave the tutors an eQuestion.

The Weekly Tutor Schedules are available in the lower left side of the welcome page.