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Utah State University

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Welcome to USU Online Tutoring

Online tutoring available to USU students enrolled in online classes.

First Time Logging In:

The password used to log in to this website is not the same as you would use on Banner or Canvas. Please use the following credentials to log in to the online eTutoring website.

  • Username: A-Number (Including the capital A) Ex. A12345678
  • Password: usuonline (case sensitive)

The username and password are both case sensitive so if you are having trouble logging in to the system, type them in exactly as shown above. Also, make sure you are signing in as a student. There are buttons under the username and password fields which indicate user type.

If you are having trouble logging in to the system, please send an email to Kevin Shanley at indicating your full name and A-number and we'll try to get you help as soon as possible. Students who registered for classes on or after the begining of each semester may not be able to log in to the system until they contact Kevin Shanley.

After logging in for the first time you should be asked to update your account profile, which includes choosing a new password. For security purposes please change your password at this time, we suggest to your super password so it will be easy to remember.


  • Accounting
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science (Java & C++ only)
  • Economics
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Math (Developmental through Trigonometry)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • Statistics
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, and WordPress)
  • Writing (now accepting graduate student submissions!)

Student Survey

Following the completion of each session on eTutoring, you will receive an email from asking you to click on a link and fill out a two-question survey on your eTutoring experience.  Please take a few minutes to give us the feedback we need to improve our site and our services.

eTutoring Services

The Writing Lab allows you to submit a draft of your paper to a tutor, ask for specific feedback, and receive a tutor's response within 24-48 hours.

Live Tutoring allows you to meet with a tutor in one-on-one tutoring sessions via a fully interactive, virtual online environment. Live sessions are offered in every subject but writing.

The offline eQuestions allow you to leave a specific question for an eTutor, who will respond within 48 hours (but usually sooner). eQuestions may be submitted for any of the subject areas covered.

Please Note:

If you choose eChat, colored tutor icons will show which tutors are online.  Click on the icon you wish to “chat” with.  Note that your browser must be set to allow pop-ups in order for eChat to work.

If a tutor isn’t available for eChat, you can leave the tutors an eQuestion.

The Weekly Tutor Schedules are available in the lower left hand side of the welcome page.

We look forward to working with you and hope you will take advantage of the online tutoring resources offered by eTutoring throughout your academic career!

Tech Support:

If you have technical issues with our site, (not including login issues) please click on the Support link in the upper right corner of this page. Tech support can help you make sure your computer is ready for eTutoring. However, they CANNOT help you with login and password issues. For login issues, contact Kevin Shanley at