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What benefits will eTutoring offer to your Writing Center?

Don't have enough resources to support your students? Looking to expand the hours of support available to your students? eTutoring offers a number of benefits to your Writing Center, including:

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  • Easy online access
  • Options for asynchronous and synchronous writing tutoring
  • Writing submissions and tutor responses archived for one year
  • Ability to search for and view work by student or by tutor
  • Tutor schedule viewable from any account
  • Reporting tools include details of student usage, active student accounts, tutor usage, and Writing Lab turnaround time
  • Access to a dynamic, searchable resource repository

What options are available to my institution?

eTutoring offers two models: collaborative and individual. Within the collaborative model, participating institutions share resources to provide greater coverage and quicker turn-around time. Within the individual model, an institution's tutors work only with that institution's students.

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What technology will my students need?

eTutoring is compatible across platforms, but laptops and desktops provide the best Zoom experience.

How do I learn more?

Our staff is more than happy to demonstrate the platform to you and to answer any questions.

To contact us, click on Support in the upper right corner and fill out the support form, or click on “Contact Us� on the bottom of any eTutoring page to email us.